Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club

Note: The Listen Live to the 145.390 Repeater is currently out of order. We are working to restore this feature. We do not know exactly when the Listen Live feature will be restored.

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March Tea Time Ladies Days

March 10th - Adrina Keresztes KD8OQW's Birthday!


St. Patrick   Please be sure to join us on Saturday, March 21st at 12:30 pm for our March Luncheon. We will be meeting at Applebee's Restaurant, located at 6270 South Cedar Street in Lansing. Remember Ladies, you don't need a Ham license to take part in our get-togethers. You only need to enjoy food, fun and fellowship! To make sure we can all sit together, please let me know by Friday, March 20th if you're planning to attend. You can contact me at: (517) 694-0812 or KB8ZXR@aol.com. I sure hope you'll join us, because we always have a great time getting together and I'm sure you will, too! 73!

~Julie McLain, KB8ZXR~
Ladies Tea Time Luncheon Coordinator


Shamrocks   Please join me for the “Ladies Tea Time Net” every Tuesday evening at 7 pm on the 145.39 repeater (100 Hz PL). This is an informal Net whose main purpose is to encourage our Lady Hams to get out on the air and have fun talking with Ladies in other parts of the country and around the world! We encourage un-licensed Ladies to join us by having their licensed friend or husband check them in “Third Party”. We give our Gentlemen a couple of different times during the Net to check in, too! So, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, key up the mic and join me for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”...I'll be listening for you!!

~Julie McLain, KB8ZXR~
Ladies Tea Time Net Control