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Ladies Tea Time Christmas Party Snowy Fir Tree Kids and Snowman Snowy Fir Tree

December 19th - Jane/KC8HJQ & George/KC8DVV Newton's 34th Anniversary!!
December 31st - Dawn/KD8MWA & Daniel/WX8MOJ Beuchert's 7th Anniversary!!


Snowy Fir Tree As usual, we will NOT be having a Luncheon in November, however, we WILL be having our Annual Ladies Tea Time Christmas Party on Saturday, December 6th from 11am until about 4pm. And once again, we'll be meeting at the Grovenburg United Methodist Church, 1368 Grovenburg Road in Holt. Remember Ladies, you are ALL invited to attend our Christmas Party, whether you are licensed or not!! So please be sure to attend, because we always have a really fun time and I KNOW you won't want to miss out!! Remember to bring ten-$1.00 wrapped gifts for the Bingo prizes, a wrapped $6.00 gift to exchange, plus money for the meal. I'm asking you to RSVP me by Thursday, Dec. 4th so I'll know how many plan on attending and how many Pizzas we'll need to order, too. If you have any questions please call or email me.

~Julie McLain, KB8ZXR~
Ladies Tea Time Net & Luncheon Coordinator
(517) 694-0812 or KB8ZXR@aol.com

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Please join me for the “Ladies Tea Time Net” every Tuesday evening at 7pm on the 145.39 repeater (100 Hz PL). This is an informal Net whose main purpose is to encourage our Lady Hams to get out on the air and have fun talking with Ladies in other parts of the country and around the world! We encourage un-licensed Ladies to join us by having their licensed friend or husband check them in "Third Party". We also give our Gentlemen a couple of times during the Net to check in, too!

This Net isn't just for those Hams in range of this repeater, either, no...our Net is connected via NE8K to the *DoDropIn* EchoLink Conference Server (ID # 355800), which means our "Ladies Tea Time Net" is heard around the world! And we've had fun talking to Lady Hams in Japan, Florida, California, and New Jersey, just to mention a few. And we've also talked with Gentlemen Hams from Australia, Newfoundland, Hawaii and other parts of the world, too! So, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, pick up the mic and join me for the "Ladies Tea Time Net"...I'll be listening for you!!

~Julie McLain, KB8ZXR~
Ladies Tea Time Net Control