Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club

Note: The Listen Live to the 145.390 Repeater is currently out of order. We are working to restore this feature. We do not know exactly when the Listen Live feature will be restored.

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August 11th - Julie KB8ZXR and Don McLain KB8RAD's 42nd Anniversary!!
August 12th - Shannon WA2NVK and Chris Ranes NS8Q's 9th Anniversary!!
August 14th - Jane KC8FSK and John Hosford KC8QZB's 9th Anniversary!!
August 26th - Mary Lou and Don Tillitson WB8NUS' 65th Anniversary!!


Now that CMARC’s Field Day and Hamfest are just memories and we have been getting back into our routines, I know you're all looking forward to starting our “Ladies Tea Time Luncheons” back up again! So, I’m happy to let you know that our next Luncheon will be on Saturday, August 22nd at 12:30pm and we’ll be meeting at Falsetta’s Casa Nova which is located at 138 S. Waverly Road in Lansing. I hope you’ll all be able to attend, as it’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to see a lot of you. If you’re unable to attend this one, please be sure to watch for the September issue of the SCOPE or check out the “Ladies Only” page on our Club’s website (centralmiarc.com) for the date and location of our September’s Luncheon. Remember, CMARC’s website is always a great place for details on ANY upcoming event, so if you want to be able to plan ahead, be sure to check it out!


Ice tea Please join me every Tuesday evening at 7pm on the 145.39 (100 Hz PL) Lansing-area repeater for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”. The Net can also be accessed via the EchoLink *DODROPIN* Conference Server (Node ID# 355800). The main purpose of this Net is to get our Lady Hams out on the air each week, having fun as they visit together. And for those Ladies without a Ham license...you can still check in “Third Party”, as long as your licensed husband or friend checks in first. Remember, we always look forward to having our Gentlemen join us for a fun time, too... AFTER the “Ladies Only” portion of the Net!! So, pour yourself a nice cup of iced tea, key up the mic and join me for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”...I'll be listening for you!!

~Julie McLain, KB8ZXR~
Ladies Tea Time Net & Luncheon Coordinator
(517) 694-0812 or KB8ZXR@aol.com