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December 31st - Dawn/KD8MWA & Daniel/WX8MOJ Beuchert’s 8th Anniversary!!


Because we will all be so busy preparing for Thanksgiving, we will NOT be having a Luncheon in November!! We WILL however, be having our Annual Ladies Tea Time Christmas Party on Saturday, December 5th from 11am until around 4pm. Leota KD8SQD has once again graciously invited us to her Church, the Grovenburg United Methodist Church located at 1368 Grovenburg Road in Holt.

Remember Ladies, you are ALL invited to attend our Christmas Party, whether you are licensed or not!! So PLEASE be sure to attend!! We always have a really great time and I KNOW you won’t want to miss out!! This year we are each bringing a different kind of Salad (hot or cold), along with any dips or goodies you want, for Lunch. If you have trouble coming up with something, just give me a call and I’ll let you know what other’s are doing and maybe give you an idea of what you can bring.

Remember to also BRING 10 - $1.00 wrapped gifts for the Bingo prizes, your wrapped $6.00 gift to exchange, plus $3.00 for using the Church. You DON’T have to exchange gifts or play Bingo if you don’t want to, we just want you to come and have fun with us eating and socializing! Please RSVP me on Thursday, Dec. 3rd to let me know that you’re planning to attend (and what you’re bringing). That way, we’ll know how many tables to set for the party. If you have any questions just call or email me: Julie McLain, KB8ZXR at (517) 694-0812 or KB8ZXR@aol.com.

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Please join me every Tuesday evening at 7pm on the 145.39 Lansing-area repeater (100 Hz PL) for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”. This Net can also be accessed via the EchoLink *DODROPIN* Conference Server (Node ID# 355800). We love to have our Lady Hams out on the air each week, making friendships around the world as we visit together. For those Ladies that don’t have a Ham license yet ... as long as you have a licensed husband or friend, who’s willing to check you in, you can talk “Third Party” on their Callsign. We just ask them to check in first and then they can introduce you. For all the Gentlemen that like to check in, we always have two chances for you - one at the beginning (Short Time or In & Out) in case you can’t stick around. There’s also a second chance for the guys to check in after the “Ladies Only” spot, if you want to visit longer. So, everyone, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, key up the mic and join me for the “Ladies Tea Time Net”...I'll be listening for you!! 73, Julie McLain, KB8ZXR - Net Control

~Julie McLain, KB8ZXR~
Ladies Tea Time Net & Luncheon Coordinator
(517) 694-0812 or KB8ZXR@aol.com

Below is information on December’s Tea Time Christmas Party. Click on the image below and it will open for you in .PDF format. (ADOBE ACROBAT READER IS REQUIRED) If you don't have Acrobat, Click Here

Ladies 2015 Tea Time Christmas Party